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About the Free Patterns

The patterns only use full stitches, no back stitching or fractional stitches. The patterns can be stitched on any fabric count size.


More information

The patterns are in xsd format. To open and print these patterns you must download the pattern viewer. Once you have the pattern viewer you can choose how to print your patterns such as black and white symbols, as colored blocks or as colored blocks with a symbol. You can also choose the size you want your print out. The larger you print your pattern the more pages it will take. If you have bad eyes you will want to print the patterns with large symbols. If you eyes are very good you can print the pattern over less pages with smaller symbols.

To change the size of the pattern layout open your viewer, click on File select Page Setup. To make the pattern print over a smaller number of pages, change the Stitcher per inch: to a higher number. If you want the pattern to print over a larger number of pages, make the number smaller.


Extra Notes

The patterns are free but they are not Public Domain Patterns This means you cannot kit the patterns and sell them at all. Passing the pattern files on to your friends is not encouraged, please tell your friends to visit my site to download the patterns for themselves. They might give my site a vote which would be great!